Defero Dance is a contemporary dance company, comprised of working dance professionals, students, scientists, teachers, accountants, and writers, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, who span locations, backgrounds, and ages. The Collective's dancers come from strong artistic and technical backgrounds in dance, and their mission is to use this training to for the good of their local community - to empathize with all the intricacies of the human experience, to affect social and relational change, to push the boundaries of dance in North Carolina and to simply entertain and celebrate movement. Defero means 'to carry, to bear, to bring, to hand over, to communicate, and to offer.' The Collective strives to represent whatever is good, true, and beautiful, bringing a greater understanding of the human experience to the Triangle community through movement.

Defero Dance is available to teach workshops or master classes, choreograph original work and participate in performance opportunities. Please contact us at for more information.

**A very special thank you to our sponsor and friend, CC & Co. Dance Complex for financial, logistical and artistic support.**

Defero: v. to carry, to bear, to bring, to hand over, to communicate, to offer

Latin is the unspoken language. Dance, too, is an unspoken language. We want to communicate in a way more powerful than words.

Defero has a communal connotation; in offering, carrying, and bearing there's a note of service to others and a giving to others in an an almost self-sacrificial way.

We bear the burden of sharing our hearts through dance. We also bear the weight of being artists in a world where art isn't always understood.

Our goal is not to just 'tell' but to communicate. Communication is not a lecture, it is hard work, to end of receiving and understanding. Communication infers mutual benefit, cooperation, and intimacy. We want to bring a love of movement to our community.

We want to be able to hand over a legacy for generations to come. We want our mission and work to be timeless, celebrating that which we have been given and perfecting that which we carry, bear, and hand over.

Ultimately, we hope to bear the names of those artists that bless us with their gifts of choreography and instruction. We bear the honorable burden of showing the truth of their work. We want to hand over and offer their person and work to those that follow, preserving their art and continuing to tell their stories.

Photo courtesy of Steve Clarke
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