Defero Dance Collective is honored to be working in collaboration with Kristin Jeppsen Groves on her work "As We Are." Look for us, among other talented artists, as we perform with the 2014-2015 NC Dance Festival Tour. More information about the tour can be found on the NC Dance Festival website.

Kristen Jeppsen Groves
Read more about Kristen at her blog

We want to be known. All people want to be known. You can't know us until you've seen us dance.

Our name, Defero Dance, encompasses our mission - to communicate. We tread on the paths already worn by those we love and respect - those who have sought to make movement, the ultimate unspoken language, understood by all. We strive to represent whatever is good, true, and beautiful, bringing a greater understanding of the human experience to our local community through movement.

As a company, we aim to unify a diverse community of dancers. We are working dance professionals, students, scientists, teachers, accountants, and writers, based in the Triangle in North Carolina, who span locations, backgrounds, and ages. We are very ordinary people aspiring to keep the artistry we bring to our community full of excellence and integrity. We learn from each other. We encourage each other. We challenge each other. We constantly train our bodies, minds, and hearts not only because we simply love dance but to also see movement evolve and progress. We aim to foster an environment where new concepts and new work will be nurtured and appreciated - where inventive and inspiring choreographers have a place to test boundaries and to tell their stories.

We want to know you too. Join with us in this conversation of movement where understanding is the goal and excellence is the means.

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